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Rapoo E6300

I have just purchased a Rapoo E6300 wireless Bluetooth Ultra Slim Keyboard for IPad or IPhone. It costs between RM155-179 in Penang shops. This is my first time using it and it works pretty well with my fingers and the response is quick , no hesitations so far. It has a built-in lithium battery therefore no external battery is needed. It takes up to 2 hours charging and lasts for a month. I had no issues pairing with keyboard either.

As you can see from the picture above it is fairly small yet comfortable enough for typing, it will take some time for larger fingers to accommodate the size as it’s surface is flat across the keyboard with no embossment on the letters.

I like the light-weighted size and I was able to type almost as fast as my usual desktop keyboard,as long as I lift my wrist like the way I do when playing piano.

This is how it looks like with my iPad 2. It really does come handy when you’re at the desk typing. The other alternative I would suggest for bigger hands, that is to go for Logitech Bluetooth keyboards. It is much closer to the size of the keyboards use for desktops yet it is wireless and quite light.


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